Intuitive, Chefprog integrates all the functions needed to manage yours recipes

Management Recipes software for chefs

ChefProg Multi platform application  for the impeccable management of your pastry cooking recipes Bakery, ice cream shops

Thanks to ChefProg your calculations automatically in one, your datasheets are efficient for production and efficient

ChefProg will make you regain control over the cost of your recipes everything is clear readable with one click the raw materials management as well as inventory and Now 10 times easier thanks to chef prog


Easy to use, ChefProg is the perfect and accessible solution for chefs, apprentices, and even food lovers

Irreproachable management of your recipes


Thanks to the inventory functionality, you will now be able to better manage your stock of goods and raw materials
With a few clicks, your inventory is made, a considerable time saving thanks to ChefProg


 Create your recipes with just a few clicks

Calculate the quantities needed to make a recipe from your basic recipe

Create a list of recipe writers to allow your team to participate in adding recipes

Create Multiple Recipe Types Named by Yourself

Add a Photo of your Recipe for the data sheet

Create multiple Recipes positions also named by yourself to facilitate recipe search

Generate and print a technical sheet of Recipes

Chefprog does not stop there but also allows you thanks to the Recipe feature

Create a recipe made up of several basic recipes you have created before

To indicate the purchase prices of your raw materials,

Generate and print a data sheet


 Knowing the prices of your raw materials is one of the keys to profitability and the perfect management of your kitchen laboratory pastry or bakery etc.

The ingredients feature in ChefProg allows you

Add your raw materials (ingredients etc.)

Indicate the purchase prices of your raw materials,

Indicate the allergens contained in the products

Indicate the unit of measure

Indicate the packaging of the raw materials

Once the prices of the raw materials indicated, ChefProg takes care of everything during the creation and calculation of the Recipe and generates the cost of it

Supplier management (+ TAX)

Knowing the contact details of your suppliers at your fingertips is essential ChefProg allows you to
add the contact details of your suppliers

Thanks to this ChefProg supplier feature, you can

 link each supplier with its raw materials and thus make it easier for you to order from each supplier

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